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PostSubject: Application   Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:27 am

Nickname: Brutal (ppl know me as vhan.)

Previous names: diegosev, S-e-x-y_DiegoU, VhaN_TP, Blaze, S3xyDieGo69, TiraNNo, Jake73, [LG]oricalcos, [LG]Vhan

Real name:Diego.


Pevious clans:LG, TLL, TP,

Reason to apply GoD: I'd like to see this clan back, and play with its members.

Since when do u play pop?: 2009

Rate your playing skill (10/..): 6'5.

How active are you on forums?:Not too much, but active.

Why should we accept you?: Cause God is inactive and needs members, guess thats a good reason for the clan to not fall again.
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:08 pm

Thanks for applying, we will discuss it.

Good luck.
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:31 am

Ye i need that "luck" to find some GoD member, since there aint any of them, so gaaaaaaaaaaaay guys. Sleep
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PostSubject: Re: Application   

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