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 App to Be a GoD Member

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PostSubject: App to Be a GoD Member   App to Be a GoD Member EmptyThu Aug 09, 2012 11:16 am

If u want to apply to GoD, make a new thread, copy and fill out this form


Previous names: vlsdropsu,mystory,Sorrow,Jamie-,Ocean

Real name: Jamie

Age: 18

Pevious clans: VdM,FU,Tsi,Vk

Reason to apply GoD: i love the Tag and i want to make this clan active again since im a really active member.

Since when do u play pop?: 06 i used to play over a mates house and i found this game couple months back so i downloaded it and here i am

Rate your playing skill (10/..): 8/10

Name other players who has about similar skill (optional): im a fw better than most preachers not sure about anyone with the same skill as me because each players skill is unique.

How active are you on forums?: i reply to anything i feel interested in

Why should we accept you?: i want to make this clan come back, i Hope to be accepted thank you.
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App to Be a GoD Member
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